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Spot Process Separation Studio Software / AccuRIP Software for Screen-Printers

Color separating a tonal-image for screen-printing demands color accuracy on-screen and on-press and there are special requirements for reproducing on any or all color garments. Creating a professional software to improve productivity must offer key features such as a properly built under-base, top highlight white and black options for particular garment color ranges. In 1995 Freehand released the software that dramatically changed simulated process file separating and printing for the better and opened it up to every level user and size shop. First released as a Photoshop Plug-in, Spot Process was described as "astonishing at the task of color decompiling".

Spot Process Separation Studio (SPSS)
The latest release, Spot Process Separation Studio (SPSS), is a standalone application (PC and Mac). Using a proven mathematical algorithm it automatically breaks down (de-compiles) the RGB colors of a color image file into individual screen-print friendly Channels. Work in your favorite design program. SPSS gave creativity back to the artist by eliminating the fear of image separating and on-press issues. If you can create it, Spot Process can separate it. The software utilizes the broader RGB light spectrum (the spectrum of computer monitors and the human eye).

The complexity and inconsistency of manually separating an RGB image in Photoshop, for example, takes too much time, and is certainly not for the unskilled screen-print artist and waste of time and money working without the control and quality offered with SPSS. ONLY Spot Process Separation Studio is a true, tonal-image, color separation SOFTWARE (stand-alone application) and NOT just a macro, action, or simple automation of a Photoshop process. There is no equal to SPSS on-screen or on-press!

Traditionally accepted as the means to tonal-image separating, CMYKbased solutions do not offer the same broad color results and image accuracy or deliver the under-base that results in the accurate reproductions on a garment or substrate that an RGB solution is capable of and are challenging to manage. The learning curve of SPSS is very short. Simply open a file through SPSS and the Channels are ready for a few user adjustments using the built in tools and features.

The finished file is auto-saved as a standard EPS file and NOT in a proprietary format. SPSS is as much an on-press process as it is a prepress software. SPSS printing is a one-flash (under-base), wet-on-wet process using standard mesh counts, print orders and color set (standard multi-purpose screen printing inks). A screen-printer has only a small set of standard supply needs to deliver simulated process style prints. With "standards" screen-printers are poised for high-productivity and greater profits.

PC and Mac solution, quick and easy setup, portable license, fast image processing and screen-redraw, easy user interface, simple file output from Adobe, Corel and other mainstream applications for optimal results including the critical process of combining raster and vector elements for optimal results, oneclick auto color merge options to reduce the already low number of screens (Channels), color enhancement sliders for targeted and universal color adjustments, auto development of a proper screen-print friendly under-base, standard RGB color Channels, highlight top white, and 3 black channel options for use on white or light, medium, and dark garments or substrates.

The new features of this release include transparency support, expanded support of file formats, saturate and de-saturate tools (droplet and sponge icons) for both targeted and universal color adjustments and enhancements, and an Eraser Tool (pencil eraser icon) for targeted edits.

Freehand Graphics is recognized for delivering an affordable yet powerful industry specific RIP solution that works with Epson Inkjet Printers.

AccuRIP Software (PC and Mac solution) was developed to streamline the file output process for users that were struggling with complicated RIP solutions designed for "color" markets that served to slow down file output and increase user confusion and output errors. Screen-print output is black ink on film.

When a screen-printer needs to output films (using an Epson inkjet) they demand the films to be dry, dark (dMax) and sharp. With AccuRIP users get easy control of the line screen (lpi, dpi, frequency), shape (dot, line, diamond, elliptical) and screen-angle. AccuRIP is driverbased which means there is no application to manage each time you want to output a file. From the PRINT window of your mainstream graphics application such as Adobe and Corel Software you simply select the AccuRIP to Epson Driver. Similar to the uncomplicated workflow of laser printer output, AccuRIP is a RIP solution that is the easiest part of the pre-press process. AccuRIP has been an industry favorite from its first release.

Quick and Easy Setup (Wizard), driver-based on-demand solution, fast and accurate processing, easy user interface, direct application printing, time and money saving features such as N-UP printing which automatically gangs (nests) separations on one film, network solution, print length adjustment for long file output, and an optional multi-black feature used with ALL BLACK INK to deliver volume of black ink so the Epson is truly dedicated to black film output.

Courtesy: Freehand Graphics, Inc. USA.

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