Grafica News - april 2012

Vikas Labels, Delhi produced 1 million heat transfer per annum using NPL

Joginder Thakur of Vikas Labels Company, New Delhi reveals how he achieved ultimate progress in his heat transfer business after deploying Grafica's NPL.

“Earlier my company used to outsource heat transfer labels in large quantity. Now with Grafica's NPL we have achieved ultimate progress,” affirms Joginder. To support his claim he reveals that his company has produced more than 1 million heat transfers on Nano-Print within a year without any trouble.

About Vikas Labels Company:
The company caters only to exportoriented garment companies and international brands. Their factory spread over 125 sq.yard, houses Grafica's Nano Premier League (NPL), besides other machinery and equipment required for production of heat transfers (40,000 pcs per day), garment tags (60,000 pcs per day) and barcode stickers. They also produce corporate gift items on paper and non-paper substrates.

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