Grafica News - January 2012

DMI's Creative samples produced during workshops in 2011

In 2011 DMI had introduced many new techniques in UV special effects screen printing to compliment offset and digital printing for value addition.

Luxury wedding card: DMI demonstrated how to produce a luxury wedding card-cum-sweet box using multiple UV special effects. The job was printed on 400 gsm board with metallised lamination. High tension low elongation yellow dyed polyester mesh of different count was used to achieve perfect registration as this project involved use of 8 UV special effects/varnishes (matt, abrasive, semi gloss UV white, 3D reflective, coral, wrinkle, crystal, silver glitter), without incorporating any colors.

Corporate folder: With rare color combination of white on a silver foil paper board. The rest of silver foil was overprinted with 3D reflective design to give the most popular 'micro embossing' effect which is otherwise produced on a very expensive micro embossing machine.

Wedding card cum Sweet box with Mogul era designs: In one of the workshops in 2011, DMI demonstrated luxury wedding card with box, an accompaniment to go with wedding invitation, combining process color (CMYK) screen printing and UV special effects. In all, the experiment involved 15 impressions, requiring 15 different screens. We printed it on 400 GSM silver metalized film laminated on paper. The image reflected the Mogul Era creativity, viz, peacock, flowers. The idea was to create fusion of old designs printed with new concept with shimmering effect vs CMYK and multiple special effects.

Wedding card envelope: This wedding card envelope was printed on 100 gsm art gloss paper, using Pearl and brown solvent ink, ordinary and Golden-abrasive UV and Glitter UV. The envelope came out with simple yet stylish look. DMI also demonstrated how to print envelopes of smaller size even on a bigger screen printing machine with multiple ups to achieve higher production.

Corporate folder: The premium corporate folder was printed on 350 gsm metallised foil board with special effects such as Matt UV, Orange metallic, 3D reflective and Crystal UV. The purpose was to demonstrate how one or more special effects can be blended with creative design elements and bring out a premium product.

511 solid color in 9 impressions: In the last workshop of 2011 DMI demonstrated the unique technique how to produce 511 spot (solid) colors in just 9 impressions.

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