Grafica News - January 2012

S.S. Screen Printers, Mumbai delivers quality non-woven bags using Nano Print

The staff at Mumbai based S.S. Screen Printers are fascinated with the way Nano-Print works, giving them that extra comfort while printing non-woven bags at 1000 impressions per hour on full auto mode. Santosh Narkar proprietor of S.S. Screen Printers says: “With Nano-Print our quality has improved and production has gone up without requiring much physical effort. At the end of day we return home with peace of mind which was not case when we had manual screen printing.”

Santosh started his printing business in 1994 with manual screen printing tables. With Nano-Print they produce non-woven bags, shopping bags, stickers and value added PVC and paper boxes for garment industry. “Nano-Print is the right invention of Grafica targeted to labour starving manual screen printers. I am fully satisfied with the quality and performance of the machine coupled with excellent service back up from Grafica. I have even recommended this machine to some my industry friends,” he says.

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