Grafica News - January 2012

Efex Colour Screens Chennai enters wedding card export in big way

Unable to cope with the ever growing demand for their custom made designer wedding cards, Jeetendra, Partner of Efex Colour Screens, swung into rapid action by buying three more semi automatic screen printing machines, two Grafica's Nano-Print plus and one Nano Print with UV curing machine.

With this half dozen manual screen printing tables faded into oblivion thus paving way for complete modernization of Efex Colour's screen printing unit. They have been already using Grafica's Mini Camshell and complete screen making set up for several years.

The company was founded in 1996 by 4 entrepreneurs with no background in printing – Jeetendra, his brother (including Jhaatin Krishen) and a school-day friend Lakshmiganthan. “Although our group has an offset and digital set up, I never leave the screen printing floor,” asserts Jeetendra.

Efex Colour Screens' creations include custom made designer wedding cards, invitations, designer sweet boxes, Bharatnatyam Arangetram invitation, paper carry bags and premium commercial jobs for corporate. They are also into art reproduction and multiple cut colour poster jobs even upto 50+ colours.

The company's main focus now is on the lucrative wedding card market. They offer only custom made wedding cards under the brand 'Lotus,' which are showcased at their show room in Chennai. “We have established customers for our designer wedding cards in UK, USA and Australia,” reveals Jeetendra. “I was impressed with the smart printing capability and craftsmanship of Grafica's Nano Print and Nano-Print plus. We are completely contended and feel proud to be associated with Grafica.

“With Bhargav sir's knowledge and Grafica's machines we have really made rapid progress especially in wedding card business. I consider him as my guru,” concludes Jeetendra.

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