Grafica News - January 2012

Sri M B Publishers, Chennai enhances visibility of religious books

To practice the concept of value addition and standardization in screen printing as propagated by DMI, Meenakshi Balu, Director of Chennai based Sri M B Publishers recently invested in Grafica's Nano Premier League (NPL).

Besides religious and educational books printing and publishing, they also print pocket size Sri Yantra Stickers, God's pictures, gift articles, Heat transfers, Royale stickers with UV special effects. They also undertake commercial printing.

She says: “Screen printing is an advantageous tool to enhance face value of books and to add extra visual appeal. By blending special effects we can enhance the feeling of readers with touch and feel effects. In two words I can say: 'Visibility Enhanced'. “NPL is a great concept introduced by Grafica especially to inspire manual screen printers to switch over to automation at low cost. By having inhouse facility, I have full control over cost, quality and time.

Meenakshi manages a printing unit under the name Super Printing Press. She is also a partner in GIRI Group founded by her father and spear heads the publication and distribution of religious and Educational Books, bringing out over 450 titles in 4 south Indian languages.

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