Grafica News - January 2012

Grafica shows the path of value addition at SGIA 2011 USA

At the recently concluded SGIA 2011 expo at New Orleans, USA during October 19-21, 2011, Grafica had showcased its most sought after Nano-series screen printing machines and allied equipment packaged as Nano Premier League (NPL) and NPL plus.

Grafica had also displayed a large collection of creative print finishing samples and many other UV special effects samples. All these samples were screen printed during regular workshops at DMI.

“The show was very important for Grafica, since our participation in SGIA was possible after a gap of 7 years. Our North American Supplier Ron Hayden of RH Solutions was quite capable of managing the entire show successfully with additional support from my friend Mike Young, David Eckl and even my screen printing guru Michel Caza was also available to answer queries of knowledge seeking visitors to our stall,” said Bhargav Mistry Managing Director of Grafica.

“Although my initial excitement was focussed on introducing Grafica's Nano range of machines the expo turned out to be an exciting teaching experience. Majority of the visitors to our stall spent more time in understanding the techniques of incorporating various special effects,” he added.

Lot of sticker and label printers, industrial printers also wanted to know whether special effects can be incorporated on their jobs. “Majority of the visitors including some offset players from USA wanted to know how those special effects were incorporated on packaging and offset printed jobs. Until now many of them had heard only about gloss and matt UV effects.”

Participation in SGIA 2011 was a new beginning for Grafica as far as US market is concerned. While Nano Print was well received in terms of its easy operational mechanism, Nano-Print plus was a star attraction because of its unusual structural design with parallel lift movement as a result of which one can see printing from all sides. Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 received full thumbs up that is because it is world's first all in one screen making system. Some visitors closely observed the system and remarked that 5-in-1 was so cleverly designed so as to save space. Many visitors were thrilled to see the unique mechanism of fabric stretching system within 5-in-1.

As a board member, Grafica 's Managing Director Bhargav Mistry had attended ASPT's Annual Meeting held on the sidelines of the SGIA expo. His 40 minute presentation contained interesting slides on the latest trend in value addition through UV special effects. He also demonstrated DMI's creative samples.

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