Grafica News - January 2012

God pictures screen printed by Kishore Kothapalli, Hyderabad glows in dark

That's what Hyderabad based Shree Varnish & UV Prints has adopted a new technique in UV special effects after inspired by DMI's workshops. He now screen prints magical 'glow in the dark' God pictures.

Other than God pictures his company extensively uses Grafica's Nano-Print plus for incorporating glitter, 3D reflective, fragrance, glow in the dark and other UV special effects on offset printed jobs. Besides undertaking job work, he also regularly prints Shirdi Sai Baba's pencil-sketch poster with glow in dark effect which are supplied to photo frame shops at Shirdi Shrine and other cities. “Since it is a religious job, I keep two rupees aside for every poster sold and the money is donated for charity purpose, especially in aid of BPL school children,” reveals Kishore.

Until the advent of Nano-Print plus, he had been regularly visiting printing exhibitions to invest on a economical as well as simple screen printing machine. “But I did not find anything like Nano-Print plus. I want to tell from my heart that Grafica's Nano-Print plus is the best machine I have ever seen” says Kishore.

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