Grafica News - January 2012

RS Plastics, Mumbai screen prints inflatable balloons on Nano-Print

Ramdas Shirkar of Mumbai based RS Toys, manufacturers of balloons & toys, is completely a contended entrepreneur since the day his company deployed Grafica's Nano- Print.

Ramdas says that Nano Print is an appropriate machine for balloon printing and a perfect substitute for manual screen printing. “I feel it was designed by Grafica, keeping in mind the labour intensive manual screen printing and make the screen printers self reliant. I admire Grafica for their great innovation which enabled us to set our base on automation cost effectively.”

Ramdas Shirkar's son Nilesh set up RS Plastics to focus on inflatable advertising balloons. R.S. Toys, RS Plastics and their sister concern RS Inflatable offer a wide range of toys and Inflatable advertising/promotional balloons. Their product portfolio includes: Inflatable Toys, PVC Balloons, PVC Inflatable Danglers, Advertising Balloons, Cheer Sticks for IPL cricket series and other PVC Inflatable Promotional articles.

RS Plastics' main clientele are from mobile, food, FMCGs, cement, fertilizer, book stores, white goods, soft drinks, pharma sectors in India and abroad. “This marketing and promotional trick is applied by companies/MNCs to promote their products and for brand positioning,” says Nilesh who is also assisted by his younger brother Nitesh.

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