Grafica News - January 2012

KesharKala, Rajkot exports industrial labels using NPL

Jayantibhai Patel of Rajkot based KesharKala Screen Designers asserts that his investment on Grafica's Nano-Premier League (NPL) package is paying him rich dividend. He says that automation has brought a big difference in quality of their products besides drastic improvements in productivity.

KesharKala Screen Designers has now a full-fledged set up, offering wide range of industrial labels and stickers, name plates on PVC, paper, aluminium, SS, brass substrates to oil engine, farm machinery and equipment manufacturers.

The printing firm was set up by his father Shivabhai Patel 45 years ago. “I never came across such unique, highly quality and affordable screen printing system as Grafica's NPL. It tempted me to go towards complete automation. With automation we deliver jobs on time, besides improving quality.”

Sharing his experience with Grafica's association, he says: “Let me go to the root. Bhargav Mistry, the MD of Grafica is the only printing educationist in India who imparts knowledge to screen printers. He is inspiring screen printers to switch over to automation and shed the culture of pulling the squeegee by hand.”

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