Grafica News - January 2012

Meghalaya Assembly Printing unit first govt Press to buy Grafica's NPL

For the first time in the history of post Independence India, a state government Assembly printing press has installed a modern screen printing set up. The news maker is the Meghalaya Assembly Printing Press located in Shillong, the capital of hilly state Meghalaya on the north-east region. The Press has recently embarked on automation by deploying Grafica's Nano Premier League (NPL), a complete screen printing system. The Printing Press undertakes printing of all official stationery such as special visiting cards and letterheads for elected representatives, officers, special envelopes and other stationery required for the Assembly sessions as these cannot be outsourced on grounds of confidentiality. Some of these stationery items are made special by incorporating spot UV and special effects.

Although our printing jobs are not commercial, who ever receives our printed stationery - be it envelopes, visiting cards or letterheads - would certainly feel something good about our State government. I think value addition can also be used to enhance the image of an organisation,” explains Robinson Sangama, who is screen printing unit incharge at Meghalaya Assembly Printing Press. He was instrumental in setting up a screen printing unit in their Press. “We had 3 manual screen printing tables. Since it was cumbersome activity we felt the need for automation to increase efficiency,” asserts Robinson.

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