Grafica News - January 2012

Metal Craze New Delh explores Nano-Print plus for Industrial Labels

New Delhi based Metal Craze, an ISO 9001:2000 certified industrial screen printing house has recently invested in Grafica's Nano-Print plus to meet the growing demand for industrial screen printing. They also have Grafica's Jet-Air/UV Combo Dryer and a Pneumatic Fabric Stretching System.

“We know Grafica for several years as a renowned company. The Nano- Print plus is one of their great innovative products. It is compact, delivers quality and uninterrupted output with smooth operations. Even their UV systems are of excellent quality which is backed by their prompt service support,” says Samir Dewan, Business Partner of Metal Craze.

“Team Grafica have a positive attitude and they are always ready to share their technical knowledge which is very essential in screen printing. This is their plus point. We would like to continue our association with Grafica to expand our business,” he adds.

The company caters to telecom, educational, engineering, electrical, white goods and entertainment sectors with a domestic/export ratio of 70:30. Their product portfolio includes Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel Nameplates, Polyester Membranes, Poly-Carbonate, Poly- Vinyl Labels, Tactile Dome, Tamper- Evident Labels, Vinyl Transfer (multi-color), Decals, P.O.P. and Signage among many other products. They are also using expertise and technology to offer innovative trophies, momentous, calendars and greeting cards.

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