Grafica News - January 2012

Grafica@PRINTEX 2011, Mumbai

Grafica's Nano-Print plus and Nano-Print were show stoppers in the recently concluded 4-day PRINTEX exhibition in Mumbai from 15-18 December 2011.

The design and feature of “Nano-Print plus and Nano- Print were very well appreciated by hundreds of visitors who came from all over Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Grafica had also displayed Nano- Screen Maker 5-i-1, Nano-UV (18” and 24”), Nano- Sharpener which form part of Nano-Premier League (NPL) package. Many customers who booked NPL commented that it was a high standard and complete automation system with big savings.

DMI's latest creative samples were also on display which stirred the minds of thousands of visitors. There were many orders and serious enquiries from offset and screen

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