Grafica News - January 2012

A.L.B. Inc, Kolkata prints quality transfer label and tag with NPL

Sundeep Sethi, proprietor of Kolkata based A.L.B. Inc narrates his tale of success following installation of two Nano-Prints and NPL from Grafica.

“After buying the first Nano-Print from Grafica our quality and production increased drastically. I started getting more time from my routine to concentrate on my business well and was able to get more orders from new and existing customer to feed this workhorse. These sudden changes in my business and life style tempted me to buy one more Nano-Print within one month and this time we bought Grafica's NPL package which includes the Nano-Screen Maker 5- in-1, Nano-UV & Squeegee Sharpener,” says Sundeep.

He continues: “With 5-in-1 we can now control our entire production process at every step and are able to make quality screens in-house with freedom. Today with the help of this modern setup, I can confidently stand in the market as a quality screen printer. NPL has raised our quality standards. Business is positive and with the help of Nano-Print our profits have gone up.”

His DMI experience: I am fortunate to learn a comprehensive knowledge in screen printing process much was needed to produce fine quality labels. It was a powerful workshop which I attended much before buying Nano-Print, the knowledge is now practically applicable.”

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