Grafica News - January 2012

Shree Venkatesh Industries New Delhi adds value on notebooks and wedding cards

Shree Venkatesh Industries (India), a whole sale paper trader and manufacturer of stationery in New Delhi, are now exploring value addition on note books, packaging and wedding cards with Grafica's Nano Premier League (NPL) plus.

“This development was the result of participation in DMI's 3-day workshop,” asserts Rishi Dev Chaudhary one of the partners of Shree Venkatesh Industries, others being Manish Gupta and Hari Niranjan Agarwal.

Shree Venkatesh Industries produces a wide range of school and office note books, writing pads, flip charts among many other products. “We want to explore value addition concept in our note books and packaging business. Now a-days students prefer attractive note books,” avers Manish Gupta.

However, to familiarise themselves with advanced screen printing, they decided to attend DMI's workshop. “During their 3-day workshop we understood that quality can only be achieved if pre-press and screen making department is perfect. We realised that Grafica's Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 is a perfect system to make quality screens in-house. Hence, we finally decided to go for their complete screen printing package, NPL plus instead of buying only Nano Print plus,” says Rishi.

And Hari Niranjan Agarwal adds: “The main reason why we choose brand Grafica is that they do not just sell machine; they show the path of creativity and concept, offer technical support which is necessary to understand various practices of screen printing process.”

Two years ago they also opened up a show room at Chawri Bazar in New Delhi under the name Sumegha's to offer customized wedding cards. “Our interest in custom made wedding card boosted after attending DMI workshop,” say Deepika Agarwal, who manages the wedding card show room along with Sunita Chaudhary. Both the women had recently attended DMI's workshop.

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