Grafica News - January 2012

Over two decades of experience in advertising Zulfikar explores spl effects in screen printing

After working for nearly two decades in many top Advertising agencies, Zulfikar Hussain and his other half Parwana, have recently embarked on designing and speciality screen printing with a style. Their creative minds visualised endless possibilities in screen printing especially with the advent of UV special effects.

Set up 3-year ago, their company Xcel Arts (soon to be changed to Excel Arts), has recently deployed Grafica's Nano Print plus and Nano- UV housed at their 900 sq.ft. printing unit, located in central Mumbai.

Zulfikar had worked in Lintas, Raka, Urja, Forefront, Image Ads for over 15 years. He had also worked with 'Creative Talk World Tel' as Print Production manager for two years. On the other hand Parwana had worked with Lintas for almost 15 years.

“We want to deliver extra-ordinary prints and delight every customer by creating new ideas, designs which will be backed by perfect blend of UV special effects. Even I screen printed my multi colour visiting cards with special effects. When I showed this card to my friends in the industry, they could not believe that by screen printing process we can produce such impressive photo-realistic prints. In another case, I made a birthday card of a kid on which I had incorporated glow-in-dark UV effect. The kid liked the card so much and he would show it to everybody for almost 10-15 days saying that it was a magic piece. I think with screen printing we can really create magic.”

Why he choose brand Grafica?
“The reason is simple. When I saw their most transparent website, it had all technical information of Nano-Print plus, video, etc. Being from the creative field I could evaluate the credibility of Grafica without having to visit their factory. When I contacted them for request for quotation, they first tried to understand my requirement at much deeper level and accordingly offered me a machine which best suited my business plans. That shows their positive approach in dealing with customers and I felt more comfortable to interact with them. Just to make sure I also enquired in the market and I received excellent feedback about their machines.”

His views on Nano Print plus:
“It's cool,” says Zulfikar using his advertising Jargon. “It looks elegant, even its colour combination is very impressive. It is very easy to operate and delivers fantastic results.”

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