Grafica News - December 2013

“DMI is beacon for screen printers even in remote market”

Amit Kumar

Here is inspiring story of Amit Aggarwal, proprietor of Amritsar based Jugal Art who has not only adopted automation with a spirit of entrepreneurship but also emulated DMI's clean, cool and yellow work environment; besides ardently following some of the quality practices taught in the workshop.

Jugal Art offers offset and screen printing service. While offset jobs are outsourced, they have fullfledged modern screen printing set up spread over a 900 sq.ft facility. Jugal Art supplies stickers and labels for textile industry, rice mills; wrappers and packaging for garments, pharma, engineering (screw, bolt nuts, spares) sector. They also offer custom made wedding cards with UV application. They also print multi colour posters. Almost every job goes out with treatment of UV effects.

Prior to automation, they had 4 manual screen printing tables. Amit Aggarwal shares his experience in automation:

Why automation?

I was one of the participants in the power packed presentation of Bhargav Mistry, organized by Grafica at Ludhiana. He had so convincingly explained the tangible benefits of automation and demonstrated wide range of creative samples. It did not take much time for me to get convinced and I decided to book NPL plus set.

But before taking delivery of NPL plus set, I also attended DMI's workshop and there practically I saw the application of advanced screen printing in value addition, vis a vis creative use of various UV special effects, which has spread fast beyond the realm of ubiquitous spot UV (matt and gloss).

Impact of automation:

Our customers were stunned to see our UV special effect sample book. They were asking how it was achieved. I could make the customers understand the concept of value addition and premium price it carries. Such quality could be achieved with Grafica's NPL plus, a complete screen printing system.

Practicing what we learnt in DMI workshop:

Besides attending DMI's regular workshop, I also underwent DMI's hands on training wherein we had directly interacted with Bhargav Mistry, on 'one to one' basis and refined my knowledge. I am a great admirer of Bhargav. I follow what has been taught by him during DMI workshops - theoretically and practically. I have never seen such an institute in India. DMI helps printers to update knowledge. Here is a list of what I follow as per DMI's teachings:

  • Use of different mesh as per ink and different UV effects/ varnishes
  • Use of UV special effects as per design elements.
  • Importance of screen making – if screen is not made properly, print cannot be made any better especially in micro embossing using 3D reflective varnish.
  • Clean environment in screen making department charged with yellow light
  • Wash screen in washing booth yellow backlit, using high pressure pump.
  • Made stand to preserve positives vertically in a folder
  • ?Special place to keep frames vertically.
  • Laid out Screen printing unit as per workflow – separate printing and screen making department with restricted entry and separate team to handle under my supervision.
  • Giving proper tension to screen was the first thoughtful lesson that I learnt in DMI – the basis of screen making - to get proper registration and sharper print results.
  • Colour separation technique
  • Using film positives instead of tracing paper.
  • Use only aluminum frames, no wooden frame

I also get News update and tips through Grafica News India which I have been receiving regularly. We get inspired to read success stories and case studies of Grafica customers. It is interesting to know about the several applications of screen printing.

DMI is beacon for many screen printers like me even in remote market places. I always feel, DMI is behind me…

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