Grafica News - January 2013

Grafica appoints Screengraf as Representative in Chile, South America

Middle East, Europe, USA, Bangladesh and now Grafica's machines will land in South America!In a bid to increase its global presence, Grafica has recently appointed Screengraf as Representative in Chile, South America.

Screengraf is also in the process of opening a showroom-cum-demo centre in Santiago, Chile. Customers from South America can now see live demo of Grafica's nano-series screen printing machines and allied products, viz, nano-print plus, nano-print, nanoscreen maker 5-in-1, nano-uv, and nano-sharpener.

Grafica has distributors in Middle East, Europe, North America (USA), and Bangladesh. Grafica has already exported several sets of NPL and NPL+ machines to these markets and other countries independently.

Screengraf Ltda has been engaged in spreading the screen printing technique nationwide for the last 20 years. With a team of over 30 people, it has become the largest domestic supplier of machinery and equipment, inks, and supplemental services to printers in industrial, textile and graphics screen printing segments. They are also representatives of Fujifilm Sericol, Sefar, and other leading manufacturers.

During his visit to Screen Print India expo'12 in Mumbai, Screengraf's owner Angel Tapia evinced interested in the Grafica's range of screen printing machines and allied products – Nano-Print, Nano-Print plus, Nano-UV, Nano- Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano- Sharpener and Nano-PrinTex. He said he was looking for such quality screen printing machinery and UV curing machine to supplement their current business portfolio of screen printing consumables.

He feels that in the absence of a quality screen printing technology the printers in Chile and its neighboring market were not able to use advanced materials – inks and other consumables. After a series of meeting with Grafica officials Angel Tapia felt greatly satisfied and decided on the spot to take up Grafica's distributorship.

“I visited Grafica's stall all three days, interacted with Grafica's officials and thoroughly evaluated their nano-series machines. I found that Grafica's technology is simple, economical and best suited for screen printers in Chile and surrounding market. And that's what we were looking for as we want aggressively promote UV technology in future. Grafica officials made me comfortable in a series of meetings during SPI'12 show in Mumbai. I look forward to promote their products in a fruitful manner,” concluded Angel Tapia – Screengraf.

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