Grafica News - January 2013

Grafica’s Cylinder Press with improved features

Grafica offers Cylinder Press, fully automatic screen printing system, with improved features to achieve full production. It is available in two types: Swing and Stop. These machines are designed to remain sturdy even at full speeds thus maintaining higher standards for more durability.

Cylinder screen press is faster and gives accurate registration. Cylinder press is capable of printing on flexible to semi rigid substrates with a print speed of 2500 to 3500 sheets/Imp/ per hour. The cylinder press can be effectively combined with an inline UV curing system or Wicket Dryer to optimise production.

Due to the cylindrical form of the print base, an ideal gap is maintained between the print substrates and the screen both in front of and behind the squeegee edge. Off contact is also set to a bare minimum. Lifting of the screen away from the printed surface is avoided which is otherwise an uneasy peel off mechanism which both strain the screen and causes image distortion.

With adjustment of stencil, ink, squeegee, ink and printing substrate, good production speeds can be achieved. The delivery board, which can be pushed down, makes cylinder cleaning or squeegee flood coater mounting/ dismantling easier

Grafica customers can receive assured training on machine operation and use of its various features.

Improved features:

  • Stack the sheet while printing: The new double board feeding system further improves the productivity thus reduces downtime while stacking the material.
  • Side lay-sensors: The side-lay sensor enables to avoid misregistration ('registration' in a typical printer's language) which further reduces rejection.
  • Sticky Roller with Anti-Static System: Dust particles settled on substrates, drastically reduces the printing speed especially when printing on plastics or foil laminated substrate. This new improved feeder offers customer a better solution to improve productivity on such high speed machines.

    Grafica's antistatic system with sticky rollers is designed to improve the overall performance and quality of printing.

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