Grafica News - January 2013

JMG Garments reposes trust in brand Grafica! Installs 2nd nano-prinTex within 6 months

“We are fully satisfied with the performance of Grafica's nanoprinTex, which we have been using since July 2012. Moreover, because of their excellent after sales service and technical support, we got confidence to buy one more machine from Grafica within 6 months,” asserts Naresh Kumar Garg, JMG Garments, Ludhiana, who is accompanied by his son Jatin.

This repeat order is a testimony to the growing popularity of Grafica's nano-prinTex and its quick acceptance in the market within one year of its launching.

J.M.G. Garments ismanufacturerand exporter of garments – t-shirts, shirts and other hosiery products. Their 32,000 sq.ft factory houses knitting, dying, stitching, screen and sublimation printing, embroidery, and other facilities. Before automation they had 5 manual chest printing machines and 24 dozen manual tables.

The company has been productively using Grafica's nano-premier league tex (nplTex) comprising nanoprinTex (7 colour/10 palette configurations) along with 2 flash curing systems, nanoscreen maker 5-in-1 and squeegee sharpener.

Grafica has installed the second nano-prinTex (7 colour/14 palette configuration), along with 4 nano-flashTex.

Interview with Naresh Kumar:

Why did you choose Grafica's nano-prinTex?

Honestly, I love my India. I feel it is my privilege to patronise Grafica, an Indian company who are manufacturing and supplying high quality machine. Moreover, Grafica is a knowledge-based company. Hence, I did not have slightest doubt about the quality and performance of the machine when I saw live demo at various exhibitions. It has simple yet useful features.

I want to highlight one more aspect when I talk about Grafica, headed by Bhargav Mistry. He had visited our printing unit recently and it was great experience to interact with him and gain insight into advanced screen printing. When such a highly respected international screen printing expert is behind designing and manufacturing of nano-prinTex, it gave me lot of confidence.

What prompted you to buy one more nano-prinTex from Grafica?

As I said earlier, Nano-prinTex is a truly fantastic machine and we have full trust in brand Grafica. We are completely satisfied with the quality and performance of their first nano-prinTex. Secondly, their technical support is exceptionally good. Grafica team is committed, they deliver what they promised. They go extra mile to guide us.

Reasons for automation:

Manual screen printing is not cost effective; it involves huge labour costs. Moreover, these days market is demanding both 'quality' and 'competitive price' and even 'quantity'. With manual screen printing it is impossible to meet these demands. And currently automation is catching up very fast.

Screen is the basis of screen printing. So, to make quality screen we bought nano-screen maker 5-in-1 which is a compact all in one screen making system.

So, what is the outcome of automation?

Although we had bought nanoprinTex initially to meet our inhouse printing needs, we have now started undertaking garment printing on job-work basis. We got this inspiration after switching over to automation. Now automation is our new growth engine.

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