Grafica News - January 2013

nano-prinTex completes One Year successfully

Grafica's nano-prinTex makes its global presence felt in India and abroad within one year!

After its launch on 4th February 2012 at Grafica's factory, nanoprinTex- world's first all electrical mechanical automatic direct-togarment textile screen printing machine was showcased at Garment Technology Expo'12. On debut, nano-prinTex had received overwhelming response at GTE.

Since then there was no turning back. Notably, Grafica created a huge wave of curiosity.

Grafica has also started receiving repeat orders for nano-prinTex which signifies the acceptance of the machine in the market.

Grafica has appointed representatives in Ludhiana, Tirupur,and Kolkata to market nano-prinTex. Grafica has also opened a demo centre at Casual Screen Print, Tirupur.

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