Grafica News - June 2013

Advanced Screen Printing is an integral part of our commercial printing business," says D.N. Lakhotia.

Taking inspiration from DMI's workshop, D.N. Lakhotia, Managing Director, Brightstar Communications Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, has set up a complete screen printing unit by investing in Grafica's Nano –Premier League Plus system (NPL plus).

"I have every reason to air my view that screen printing is now an integral part of our printing business; we are able to completely change the appearance of the offset printed commercial and packaging jobs with attention grabbing UV special effects," says Lakhotia. Set up in 1992, Brightstar Communications is engaged in commercial and packaging printing with special focus on corporate customers.

"For the last five years, I have been witnessing a growing demand for 'value addition'. What was initially started as spot UV (gloss and matt) the very concept of value addition or print finishing has taken new dimension,"says Lakhotia. "The idea struck me when I saw DMI's creative screen printed samples at an exhibition. However, I felt proper training was desirable to put our hand into advanced screen printing. Hence I attended DMI's workshop before buying the machine".

Sharing his experiences of DMI workshop, Lakhotia recalls, "I got accustomed to various UV special effects and its 'significant' application in commercial and packaging printing. Those stereo type multi-colour offset printing (CMYK) is now an old fashion. There has to be certain amount of value addition incorporated to enhance the exterior of the commercial jobs. Then only we can give alluring experience to our corporate clients."

With a word of caution, Lakhotia says, "I feel value addition is luxury hence it cannot be offered to price conscious customers; it can be offered only to those customers who value creativity and want their jobs to be very extraordinary and are willing to pay premium."

"Advanced screen printing has really broken the monotony in commercial printing. For years commercial printers have been engaged in screen printing, but never expected such dramatic change as we witness today thanks to wide range of UV special effects such as crystal UV, 3D reflective, abrasive, et al. Screen printing enables us to bring life to print by blending the capabilities of two printing processes."

"Partly the credit also goes to DMI for bringing the value addition concept to the limelight. I have never heard about a better company in India than Grafica".

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