Grafica News - November 2013

Accent Electronics' ascent on quality and productivity

Accent Electronics, an offshoot of erstwhile Lakshmi Dial Industry, has recently commenced fullfledged production at its new 3800 sq ft facility at Sahibabad in Ghaziabad district, Uttar Pradesh. Their new production unit houses Grafica’s CamShell (30” x 40”), complete screen making set up which includes emulsion coating machine, screen exposing unit, screen dryer, fabric stretching unit, besides all the pre press and post press facilities.

Established by late D.R. Bharadawaj about 40 years ago, Lakshmi Dial Industry was then engaged in the manufacture of dials for radio sets. As people started switching over their ‘tuning’ habit from ‘radio’ to ‘TV’, the company too had to change their business to industrial stickers and labels, of course by sticking to screen printing. Accent Electronics took birth about 8 months ago as the parent company had carried the name of ‘Dial’ belonging to the Radio era.

Accent Electronics currently offers wide range of product application labels and stickers. Their portfolio includes tactile domes, polyester membranes, polycarbonate labels, tamper proof labels, vinyl transfers, decals and displays, bicycle stickers, among many other products.

Interview with Sandeep and Hemant Bharadwaj:

On importance of brand Grafica loyalty:

Because with Grafica, satisfaction is guaranteed! We bought their Nano-Print plus couple of years’ ago and we were completely satisfied with the performance of the machine and the service of the company. Whenever, we faced any problem they took instant action thus ensuring uninterrupted production. This way we were able to deliver customers jobs on time. Today we can source best machines globally but service is an issue. So, why not rely on a company which supplies quality machines with reliable technical support.

Your views about Screen printing:

Screen printing is a versatile printing process and it has opened up lot of new vistas in line with the revolution and growth in electronics, engineering, telecommunication, automobile, electrical sectors which require lot of product labels and stickers to be screen printed on wide range of substrates.

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