Grafica News - November 2013

Aslam Press's roaring success in value addition - Thanks to DMI workshop

DMI is the one and only institute in India which imparts practical knowledge on advanced screen printing. DMI has created positive impact in Indian screen printing. Here is a case study of Aslam Press, Mysore, a 110 year old press, who are making profitable move towards value addition.

“We were struggling with manual screen printing for many years. However, this new thinking sprung up only after attending DMI's creative workshop on value addition,” says Ataulla Shariff. “However, to practically implement the knowledge we bought Grafica's Nano-Premier League plus (NPL Plus) screen printing package.”

“Nano-Print plus is no.1 machine in its category. Grafica provided us excellent technical support as a result we have already achieved about 40% rise in our business,” says Ataulla and his son Sadulla.

Interview:Why automation?

We embarked on automation especially to offer value addition service, produce creative custom made wedding cards, posters, etc. The customers in Mysore market are crazy about emboss effects on wedding cards. Currently such cards are sourced from Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. With UV technology, we want to tap this niche market.

Why do you think 'DMI is catalyst for change'?

Due to ignorance we never intended to go for automation. Bhargav Mistry, director of DMI, showed us the right path by demonstrating the benefits of automation and various profitable applications of advanced screen printing at their DMI workshop. I believe it is all about discarding all 'old habits' and embracing some good practices taught by DMI. We now think of only how to improve quality based on DMI's knowledge. Bhargav is the best teacher in screen printing in India.

  • We stopped using wooden frame – use only aluminum frame
  • Stopped wooden squeegee holder –use only aluminum squeegee holder and coater
  • No more Nylon mesh - use only Polyester Yellow mesh
  • Stopped Solvent ink and use UV
  • Changed shabby washing system to proper method of washing using yellow backlit washing tank as per DMI's system.
  • Completely yellow light in screen making department as per DMI's system.

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