Grafica News - November 2013

Fatih Tekstil hosts workshop in Istanbul

Fatih Tekstil, Grafica's distributor for Turkey, recently hosted 2-day workshop in Istanbul focussing on direct to garment screen printing. The workshop was conducted by Magna Colors at the premises of Fatih Emprime, member of Taha Group, Turkey. The workshop, held on 6th and 7th November 2013, was very well received with the attendance of over 100 participants from Turkey and Russia.

Practical were conducted using Grafica's nano-prinTex and nanoprinTag to demonstrate how to print water based CMYK inks on various colour garments using under-base white and top white.

Special effects printing was also demonstrated using glitter, high density, radium (glow in dark), etc. The participants were thrilled to watch the performance of nanoprinTex and nano-prinTag which were running smoothly and noiselessly. Fatih Tekstil plans to conduct more such workshops in the future.

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