Grafica News - October 2013

Al Fannan Printing Press, Sharjah, uses nano-print plus to give cosmetic touch to perfume packaging

Al Fannan Printing Press LLC, Sharjah, UAE, exclusively make perfume packaging (plastic bottles and cartons) for its parent company Al Lattafa Perfumes Industries L.L.C, manufacturer of wide range of perfumes. They also make ribbons which are tied around perfume packaging for decoration (bottles and cartons).

Al Fannan Printing Press has multi-colour offset and screen printing set up. Earlier the Group used to outsource their packaging printing. They set up their offset printing unit 2 years ago which also includes an UV offset facility and now advanced screen printing set up to offer value addition. The company produces about 30,000 perfume cartons per day of different sizes and designs. They have inhouse design team to meet the design requirement. Only 10% of the packaging produced is supplied to customers while 90% is used for inhouse needs of their parent company.

So, why a perfume manufacturing company set up their inhouse printing unit?

  • To improve and to have complete control over quality,
  • Meet production/delivery schedules with freedom,
  • Maintain design secrecy and to have flexibility/freedom in designing,
  • It is viable/profitable to have inhouse packaging/printing unit when they have volume production, as jointly stated by Junaid Aftab Ahmed, Director and Mohammad Tariq Sheikh, General Manager who has 25 years' experience in offset printing and 15 years in screen printing.

Why screen printing?

”To make value added packaging and explore texture UV, embossing, glitter, and other UV special effects on perfume packaging,” says Mohammad Sheikh. ”With UV special effects, perfume packaging totally gets glamorous look. Ultimately the product stands out in the shelf with its attractive looking packaging. Consumers pick up fashionable product such as perfumes if the packaging is attractive. It is the packaging which lures them first, then of course product inside has to be good anyway.”It is but natural that 40% of their packaging is done by screen printing and 70% is by offset.

”Nano print plus is a fantastic machine to over print various UV special effects and varnishes on perfume packaging. We have not faced any problem even if we run it for more than 12-14 hours a day.”

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