Grafica News - October 2013

Grafica at Print & Packtech Expo, Bengaluru 27-30 Sept' 13

At the recently concluded Print & Packtech exhibition in Bengaluru, thousands of visitors were awestruck as Grafica team constantly demonstrated printing of as many as 10 UV special effects including magical 'glow in the dark' on nano-print and nanoprint plus along with nano-uv. The exhibition was held on 27-30 September 2013 at the Palace Ground, Bengaluru which drew large number of printers from southern states, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Grafica's team performed live demo of printing 10 UV special effects over duly offset printed Taj Mahal design - 3D REFLECTIVE over all poster, Sensation UV (Black) over Tomb, Wrinkle effect over Green strip, Coral over border of Green strip, Glow in Dark (Yellow) over Moon, Glow in Dark (green) over 4 flying birds, Glow in Dark (blue) over Taj Mahal outline, Silver Glitter spread over Moon, Gold Glitter on India title, and Crystal – high density over flying birds in black.

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