Grafica News - Dec 2014

Grafica team demonstrates value addition on packaging at Eastern Print Pack

Hundreds of printers (offset, screen, digital, etc) got exposed to the secret of value addition at the recently concluded Eastern Print Pack (27-30 Nov'14) as Grafica Team performed live demonstration of UV special effect treatment on packaging, viz, a small Mint box printing. Grafica team made best efforts to engross the visitors by constantly performing live demo of screen printing UV special effects using Nano-Print plus screen printing machine and Nano-UV. Four types of boxes (Mint box), decorated with two special effects each, namely, Texture/3D reflective, wrinkle/fragrance, gold glitter/ glow-in dark, Rhine-stone/Raise effects, were distributed to knowledge seeking visitors as free samples. The Mint box was printed on 280 gsm cardboard (16” x 24”)

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