Grafica News - Dec 2014

Industrial applications of screen printing revealed

Amit Shah of Mumbai based Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd once rightly said that the technological importance/application of screen printing in modern day is such that without the imprint of screen printing process, life, development and progress on earth would be almost difficult.

Screen printing has a strong presence in modern day world with countless applications. Through the photo gallery here below, Grafica News India presents some of the applications of screen printing, vis-à-vis a wide range of advanced semi automatic and fully automatic screen printing machines, used to print automobile decals, ceramic transfers, industrial labels and stickers, footwear, etc.

Grafica is thankful to all its valued customers for allowing us to take photographs of their innovative screen printed samples and machinery, reproduced in these pages for educational purpose. The machines being used by them include: Nano-Print, Nano-Print plus, CamShell and fully automatic cylinder press as pictorially shown in this page.

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