Grafica News - Dec 2014

Grafica to showcase its wide range of screen printing machines @ PrintPack'15

At the forthcoming PrintPack'15, to be held from 11-15 February 2015, Greater Noida, Grafica will showcase its wide range of automatic and semi-automatic screen printing machines, complete screen making set up, curing/drying equipment. Grafica will hold several bouts of live demo to promote/reveal the secret of 'value addition' concept, using over 10 UV special effects.

Grafica will also display DMI's highly creative value addition samples for public viewing. Since Grafica is a knowledge-based company, visitors can also interact with their team of experts to get tips and new ideas about the applications of advanced screen printing. “In such exhibitions, our approach is always on training, education and create awareness about advanced screen printing technology and its application, rather than trying to push our sales,” says Bhargav Mistry, MD, Grafica.

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