Grafica News - Februrary 2014

Jeevan Prints installs 2nd nano-prinTex to double DTG screen printing capacity

Tirupur based Jeevan Prints has installed one more Grafica's nano-prinTex. With these two nano-prinTex, the company has now doubled its DTG screen printing capacity to meet growing demand for machine-prints.

Established in 2004, Jeevan Prints is specialized in DTG screen printing that includes photo-realistic prints and special effects such as foil, glitter, gel and bead prints. They undertake printing on kids, men's and ladies wear. Jeevan Prints caters to export market and select domestic leading brands. Their 10000 sq.ft production facility houses Grafica's two nano-prinTex (both 8 col / 10 pallet), 2 flash curing systems (nano-flashTex) and Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 (a complete screen making system), manual chest printing machines, and long manual tables. In all they have direct to garment screen printing capacity of about 10,000 to 15,000 pcs per day.

Interview with Vijaykumar R and Selvam G, partners of Jeevan Prints:

Reasons for automation:

In manual we never used to get that soft-hand feel; registration accuracy and sharpness was also a major issue. Manual screen printing is tedious and it occupies huge space; it requires more manpower involving constant supervision, production was low and there was limited scope to improve quality. On the other hand, automation is an efficient system, highly affordable and viable, so to say, in our factory 2 nano-prinTex have replaced 4 manual chest printing machines. Automation is necessary to print multi colours/cut colours using pigment/discharge inks.

Impact of automation:

The impact of automation was instant and we found tangible benefit. So, we decided to invest in one more nano-prinTex with confidence. With two machines we are achieving production targets and deliver quality prints. Our customers are delighted and place repeat orders and we have also acquired more clientele.

Trust in brand Grafica:

We preferred Grafica based on trust and their reputation in graphics and heat transfer industry. We have been getting regular update via email about their various products hence we know brand Grafica very well. Moreover, Grafica renders excellent after sales service which is evident from the fact that there are already some machines working in Tirupur.

nano-prinTex does not have compressor and pneumatics. Hence it is an efficient energy saving machine with satisfactory production capability. In Tirupur power supply is very erratic. We use inhouse generator sets hence we did not want to buy a compressor/pneumatic based machine which requires more electricity. On annualized basis there is a big savings.

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