Grafica News - Februrary 2014

Visitors thrilled to watch spectacular performance of grafica's nano-printTag KNITWORLD-LUDHIANA

At the recent KnitWorld exhibition held on 14-17 February 2014 at Ludhiana in Punjab state, hundreds of visitors were thrilled to watch spectacular performance of Grafica's nano-prinTag. In association with Shori Chemicals, Grafica's representative in Ludhiana, Team Grafica performed live demo of printing high density printing using plastisol inks, and silicon special inks.

Grafica received several order bookings and serious enquiries for nano-prinTag, world's fastest and first all-electrical mechanical automatic direct to garment tag less label screen printing machine. It is amazing to note that despite this being the second exhibition, after KnitVision (17-20 January' 14) held within a month in the same venue at Ludhiana, Grafica's showcased its nano-prinTag with tremendous success.

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