Grafica News - Februrary 2014

Kirit B. Vadecha undertake religious print projects with devotion and value addition

Hitesh Vadecha, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur specialized in executing print projects related to Jain religion events and discourses, tells his success story in automation and value addition – two great tips that he received in DMI workshops on advanced screen printing.

“We religiously follow standardization in screen printing and creatively apply techniques of UV special effects, using Grafica's Nano-Premier League plus (NPL plus) system,” avers Hitesh Vadecha adding “I feel there is a great benefit if we follow such tried and tested system.”

His printing firms Kirit B. Vadecha and Vadecha Enterprises offer turnkey printing service exclusively for religious activities of Jain religion – discourses, festivals, events, etc. These include invitations (in card and booklet form with varied sizes), religious books for the occasion, stickers, posters, labels, banners, badges, leaflets, flyers, gifts items, and other jobs, as per customers' requirement and programme design. Vadecha's have customers in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Pune, Nashik, etc.


What are the challenges in religious print jobs?

It is very specialized work, totally different from other print activities as it requires knowledge of the Jain religion. With proper knowledge, we are able to guide our customers and do justice to every job religiously.

Our each job is as hectic as the event itself requiring lot of attention and devotion. The cycle requires anywhere 24 hours - 10 days to complete. Screen printing is just one of the many processes that we use to execute the job, which also involves Offset printing, BoPP lamination/ matt finish, Foil Stamping, and Emboss.

Most of these jobs require ‘decoration’, I mean value addition treatment on cover, envelopes, inside page titles. While customers are ready to pay premium price, we ensure to deliver them the best print jobs with quality. The challenge is how to make every job unique because there is limited number of UV special effects. We have already used following UV special effects: such as Spot UV (matt and gloss), Glitter (silver and gold), Sand, Abrasive, Crystal, 3D reflective and many more.

Blessed with DMI's knowledge:

I had the fortune of attending 3-4 workshops and my team also attended the workshop. We follow DMI's workflow and standardization related to print finishing/UV special effects just as per their guidelines, and that way we are able to maintain quality. I believe, mere learning is not enough, we should 'practice what is being preached at DMI institute', do some experiment, and produce some good jobs using all new technology and techniques.

Benefits of automation:

Firstly let me tell you that I got exposed to benefits of automation during DMI's various workshops. With automation, jobs can be delivered with perfection. Moreover, when we had manual set up, there was lot of absenteeism due to strain. Now our workmen work with enthusiasm as they do not have to struggle anymore to pull and push that squeegee.

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