Grafica News - January 2014

Palette Screens invests in 30” x 40” CamShell & complete screen making set up to print advertising display boards

Palette Screens, based at Payyanur in Kerala State, has recently invested in Grafica's 30” x 40” CamShell and complete screen making set up to offer graphics screen printing. The 30” x 40” screen making set up includes: Pneumatic Fabric Stretching Equipment, Emulsion Coating equipment, Screen Dryer, Screen Exposing unit and also large format Squeegee Sharpener - all installed in a typical DMI-style with a clean and yellow light environment. “We specifically invested in CamShell to offer wide format graphics screen printing on sunpack, sunboard, acrylic and other rigid substrates. We will also explore the machine to print wedding card papers and value addition to offset printers,” says C. Jayan, proprietor of Palette Screens.

The company supplies outdoor advertising display boards upto the size of 30” x 40”, screen printed on sunpack (fluteboard) in large quantity to wide spectrum of customers. These include: educational sectors (schools, training institutes, computer and tuition classes, engineering colleges, etc); circus companies, sports events (football and, volleyball tournaments, inland boat races, etc), shops and establishments, clinics, among many other customers all over Kerala and coastal Karnataka.

Kerala, a state on the south-west of India, is also known as God's Own Country with scores of ancient temples dot-lining the shores. It is but natural that Palette Screens is blessed with regular order flow for outdoor display boards from several temples, related to various festivals and events. Moreover, Kerala being a Football-loving state, Palette Screens supplies display boards in large quantity for various football tournaments.

Hitherto they were making these boards (22” x 28” maximum) using Grafica's NPL plus which includes Nano-Print plus, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano-UV, Nano- Sharpener). “Often we also get orders for quite bigger size display boards but we print in two parts and join it,” says Jayan.

Why repeat Order?

Grafica provided us technical support even though we had language and distance barriers. We have had good experience with Grafica in the past. Not only their machines are sturdy and best for graphics printing, but also they offer excellent technical support which is very important.

About Grafica’s CamShell:

CamShell is fantastic with perfect registration system for multi colour printing. It has easy to use mechanisms so to say our women staffs comfortably operate the machine. And Grafica's screen making set up is easy to use and we are able to make perfect stencils.

Emulating DMI:

We learnt various process parameters and workflows. The knowledge gathered in the workshop was very practical. We have replicated DMI by providing yellow light and clean room environment in the entire screen making department. As demonstrated at DMI, we use only yellow polyester fabric.

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