Grafica News - Aug 2015

Grafica launches two NEW Textile Screen Printing Machines at KnitShow'15 Tirupur

NEW Textile Screen Printing Machine - 16 col/18 pallet,
Max Print area: 28" x 43"
NEW nano-prinTag plus - 4 col/8 pallet, Max Print area: 12" x 14"

Grafica always believes in innovation, and accordingly designs and manufactures new machines. At the recently concluded KnitShow'15 exhibition in Tirupur, Grafica had showcased two NEW machines, viz, nanoprinTag plus - 4 color/ 8 pallet (Max Print area: 12"x14"), and nano-prinTex - 16 col/18 pallet (Max Print area: 28” x 43”).

The KnitShow was held on 9-11 August 2015 where Grafica's and DMI's team performed live demonstrations of direct-togarment screen printing on both these new machines as well on nano-prinTag.

Two CMYK designs were screen printed with perfect registration on NEW nano-prinTex, using water based inks. On the other hand, a high-density and cut colour jobs were printed on nano-prinTag plus; and high density tagless label was printed on nano-prinTag.

While watching the live demo, many visitors were thrilled to see the high speed of nano-prinTag plus and nano-prinTag with perfect registration; they also appreciated its easy to operate features.

A Team of experts from Grafica and Tirupur representative – Casual Screen Prints, were present to explain features of various machines including Aeoon Kyo series digital garment printing machine. Grafica has received several serious enquiries and few order bookings for its various DTG screen printing machines and allied products.