Grafica News - Dec 2015

Grafica shows the way glamorous of adding value to print

Grafica achieved multi-faceted success at the recently concluded Pamex'15 mega expo in Mumbai on 9-12 December 2015. Grafica had showcased its Swing Cylinder press with in-line UV, Nano-Print and Nano-Print plus with Nano-UV.

Firstly Grafica received orders for two Cylinder Press with inline UV, six sets of Nano Print, and nine sets of Nano Print Plus. These orders also included screen making set up (Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1) and Nano-UV. This is in addition to the several serious enquiries which may get converted into definite orders in the coming days.

Secondly, Grafica being a knowledge-based company, it could reach out to maximum number of printers with a profitable message 'Value Addition by screen printing is the simple way to reap profit'.

So, as Grafica's team performed live demo of screen printing various UV special effects on Swing Cylinder press and Nano-Print, Nano-Print plus, printers started gathering, trying to quickly understand the value addition concept. One could see cheers in their face as they could touch and feel various glamorous and sensational UV effects, screen printed right in front of them over a duly offset printed multi colour poster. Printers were lining up to collect this print finished sample with as many as nine UV special effects, of course free of cost.

“ The exhibition like Pamex mainly attracts printers from offset and packaging sectors, hence we wanted to reveal them or rather educate them about the complementary role/profitable application of screen printing so that in future they can add value to print, be it commercial or packaging jobs,” says Bhargav Mistry, MD, Grafica.

Thirdly, a large number of knowledge seeking printers including some bigwigs spent time in Grafica's Stall glancing through various screen printed creative samples produced in various DMI workshops. In short, Grafica's stall in Pamex expo was turned out to be a knowledge platform for many printers.

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