Grafica News - Dec 2015

Printers in Gujarat explore value addition in a big way

Since the inception of its DMI institute in 2006, Grafica has been aggressively promoting value addition concept through regular workshops, educational tour (road shows), presentations at industry forums, live demo at national, regional exhibitions in Gujarat and all over India. In such events Grafica had also displayed huge collection of screen printed samples to demonstrate creative application of various UV special effects over offset printed commercial and packaging jobs, wedding cards, social stationery, etc.

So, taking inspiration from DMI, several printers in Gujarat are exploring value addition in a big way. Value addition or print decoration/ print embellishment have now become the way of their commercial printing business. They now know that value addition is where the profit lies. We have featured some of Grafica's valued customers who are offering value addition using Grafica's screen printing machines.

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