Grafica News - Dec 2015

Sai Nath Poly-Lam prefers Nano-Print plus to offer high end value addition

Few years ago, Ahmedabad based Sai Nath Poly-Lam had invested in Grafica's Nano-Print plus/Nano- Screen Maker 5-in-1 (complete screen making set up) to offer luxury print service what may also called as 'value addition' involving effective use of various UV special effects.

Sai Nath Poly-Lam is a fullfledged post press service provider, catering to over 150 offset printers and design studios in Gujarat state. They undertake all types of commercial and packaging for pharma and real estate sectors. They also have Lamination machines (6), Thermal lamination machines (3), and Punching/cutting machines.

“Today, about 80% of our jobs involve value addition,“ reveals Chetan Rathod and Bhargav Rathod.

“We got the idea of UV special effects during our visit to Grafica stall at various exhibitions. Being a responsible company, they willingly shared knowledge/gave lot of tips even at the very initial stage of negotiation. We also got immensely inspired during DMI workshop. During the practical sessions of the workshop we could absorb lot of knowledge about the creative use of various UV special effects,“ says Chetan.

According to him following are the outcome of value addition:

  1. 60 to 70% growth in their business
  2. Ample scope for Creativity
  3. Joy and self satisfaction of experimenting with various UV special effects
  4. Customer delight/ Repeat order

Chetan concludes: “Grafica's Nano-Print plus screen printing systems are easy to operate, so to say within 5-7 minutes we can set up the machine. The machine has perfect registration and vacuum system, very much required for spot UV.“

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