Grafica News - Fan 2015

Visitors gain insight into value addition concept in Grafica's stall @ PrintPack

At the recently concluded Print Pack exhibition in Greater Noida (11-15 February 2015), Grafica attained double success.

First, scores of visitors across the globe, mainly from offset and packaging field watched live demo of screen printing various UV special effects on Grafica Nano- Print plus and Nano-UV. “Many of the printers were still not aware of the complementary role of screen printing in offset printing. We had also showcased DMI's creative value addition samples, and scores of knowledge seeking printers spent lot of time as Grafica team explained them the secret of value addition in great details,” says Hanish Mehta, General Manager (Sales & Marketing), Grafica. “It is our firm belief that unless and until we educate printers about advanced screen printing not much headway can be achieved in terms of sales in big exhibitions such as Print Pack.”

At periodical intervals Grafica team demonstrated value addition concept using over 10 UV special effects such as glitter, crystal UV, micro emboss (3D reflective), glow in dark, wrinkle, etc. DMI's highly creative value addition samples on display drew lot of curious visitors as they wanted to know the value addition concept in great details.

With enormous number of visitors flowing in on all days of the Print Pack expo, there was no scarcity of order bookings for Grafica. The company has received nearly 25 spot order bookings for its Nanoseires screen printing machines, viz, complete Nano-Premier League plus set (comprising Nano- Print plus / Nano-Print screen printing machines, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano-UV). And many orders (including few orders from existing customers) were also in the negotiation stage. Grafica has also received spot bookings for three Camshell (heavy duty wide format screen printing machines), and three cylinder press that includes two export orders. Several serious enquiries were also received from printers from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Europe.

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