Grafica News - Jul 2015

Raj Knit Fashion opts for nano-prinTex

Proprietor of Tirupur based Raj Knit Fashion, R Sathasivam (A Chemical Engineer) was intelligent enough to choose Grafica's nanoprinTex (12 colour/14 pallet) along with two nano-flashTex.from among host of automatic screen printing machines available across the globe.

“Grafica's machine was well within our budget. On technical front, their machine does not have pneumatics and runs without a compressor. On the other hand, upon evaluation we felt that maintenance cost is more in pneumatic machines. nanoprinTex has easy to operate features. I did not find any notable short comings in the machine,” says Sathasivam.

“Having said that, we are now fully satisfied with the performance of the machine and Grafica's after sales service and technical support. That's all we wanted when we decided to buy their machine,” he adds.

Set up in 2005, Raj Knit Fashion is a manufacturer and exporter of garments. Their 12000 sq.ft factory houses all modern infrastructures to make finished garments.

“Currently we are a 100% exportoriented unit. Plan is underway to launch our own brand 'SQUID' in the domestic market,” reveals Sathasivam. Their product portfolio include: knitted garments, T-shirts, men's wear, ladies wear, kids wear, shirts, skirts, shorts, pants & trousers, ladies, and others with a production of 5 to 6 lakh pieces per annum which are exported to Israel and Netherlands.

Earlier the company used to outsource DTG screen printing work but later set up an in house screen printing unit with 3 machines.

Sathasivam says: “Being a manufacturer of garments, our company set up an inhouse screen printing unit due to following reasons:

1) As garment manufacturer with multiple products, our requirement is 2000-2500 per design hence garment printers have a tendency to give low priority for such job as they want volume.

2) Often we do not get samples and subsequent jobs on time and that used to affect our delivery commitment to export market.

3) Logistic problem – our factory is outskirt of Tirupur, hence it's time consuming.

4) With printing facility inhouse, there is full freedom indeed.”