Grafica News - Jul 2015

S.S. Printers trusts 'Made in India' nano-prinTex for quality and reliability

With an inclination to encourage Made in India machine, Tirupur based S.S. Printers choose Grafica'S nano-prinTex, (10 colour / 14 pallet) along with two nanoflashTex.. “We bought the machine even without going for trials or demo; we fully trusted brand Grafica backed by their local representative's assurance on technical support and after sales service,” says S. Shanmugam, proprietor of S.S. Printers who is backed by his brother G. Sivakumar, a part time actor in Tamil film.

S.S. Printers was set up by Shanmugam who has over 20 years experience in garment printing. The company undertakes all kinds of garment printing on job work basis with a total printing capacity of 15000-20000 pieces per day, depending on number of colors and print area. The company has recently commenced its new 6000 sq.ft printing unit which houses automatic garment screen printing machines and 8 long glass manual screen printing tables. This is in addition to their old 4000 sq.ft factory which houses 4 manual garment screen printing machines.

Why automation? Owing to labour shortage, quality and productivity issues, the company has recently embarked on automation. “Now automation has become a norm in Tirupur garment industry and garment manufactures catering to export market prefer a garment printer who has automatic machine with high production capacity and commitment for quality and delivery,” avers Shanmugam.

Highlighting some of the notable benefits of automation, he says that there is about 20% less ink consumption. “This is due to fine and even print that is achievable on an automatic machine even upto 12-14 colours. In manual screen printing there is uneven squeegee pressure (low or high), leading to heavy ink deposition, and it was an irrecoverable loss indeed. I would say profitability can be maintained in the long run only with automation.”

“We are fully satisfied” Expressing his full satisfaction over the performance of nanoprinTex, he says: “We have been using the machine to its maximum potential and it's a complete machine with quality output, uninterrupted performance, and of course reliable service from Grafica.”

He concludes: “We were surprised with its good speed and smooth functioning, without the aid of compressor and pneumatics inside. Recently we had executed an order of 30000 pieces of one single design. Our customer was more than happy with the print result.”