Grafica News - Jun 2015

Kudos to Fespa Award winners!

First of all Kudos to Indian printing firms who won awards in the recent Fespa international competition!

When I visited Fespa event in Germany, on the back of my mind I had the data that 24 Indian print companies had sent in as many as 120 entries to Fespa'15 Award competition, that is almost 50% of the total entries. Quite amazing indeed! However, only eight Indian print firms could claim just 10 awards, that too NO 'gold'. The list of awards says it all.

I visited the Fespa Award gallery and tried to find out reasons for this set back. When I compared other winning entries, I found that there was 70-80% difference between Indian entry samples and the level of Gold winning entries from other countries in terms of creativity, innovation, quality and use of different substrate.

Please bear with, there is no denying fact that our Indian printers are of international standards in terms of quality of printing. But they should add it up with rigorous innovation, creativity, uniqueness and experiment with different substrates and print process combinations, and avoid stereo types. Our printers should make magical products and send such entries to awards that mesmerize the eyes of the judges. I urge printers not to take to the heart from this set back. We have now all available technology, materials, skills; we have our DMI to train your technical staff. So, keep learning new ideas, raise the level of quality and innovation, and produce wonderful, appealing screen printed products.

All the best
Bhargav Mistry

Company Entry Award
Spectrum Scan, Mumbai Posters, single sheets & multi-sheets - EON VAPE PC poster Silver
Perfect Packaging , Mumbai, Special Effect Printing - GLOW Silver
Protolab Electro Technologies, Navi Mumbai, Miscellaneous 'Zanasi Jet 4000' membrane switch Silver
Tarun Printing Works, Mumbai, Special Effect Garment Printing –'MACHINE' Silver
Om Decals, New Delhi, Glass & Ceramic Ceramic decal – Radhakrishan Tile Bronze
Pramukh Embroidery, Mumbai T-shirts - Special Effects Bronze
Neat Graphics, Thane, Point of Purchase Products – Plastics Bronze
Marvel Graphic Studio, Ahmedabad, Original Serigraphies and Giclées Fine Art Posters, single sheets & multi-sheets Silver

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