Grafica News - Mar 2015

SPAI-FESPA Cross Country Table Top Exhibition

Printers get the feel of value addition concept at Grafica's stall.

As a knowledge-based company, Grafica recently participated in two Cross Country Table Top Exhibitions (CCTTE) organized by Screen Printers' Association of India (SPAI) in alliance with FESPA. These exhibitions were held at Raipur and Nagpur on 13th and 14th March 2015, respectively.

While the Nagpur exhibition attracted over 200 printers, in Raipur there were around 100 printers. Many of the Grafica's valued customers also made it a point to visit the expo.

Grafica had pictorially displayed its products besides showcasing a set of DMI's creative samples treated with various UV special effects. Visitors spent as much time as possible; trying to grasp the techniques of various UV special effects.

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