Grafica News - Mar 2015


“After associating with Grafica, our business has doubled” Dilawar Dalwai, Al Mahir Printing Equip. Trading, UAE

Dilawar Dalwai, an Indian born entrepreneur in Sharjah who visited Grafica/DMI few years ago as a prospective customer never anticipated that one day he would become such a successful Representative of Grafica to aggressively market their 'Made in India' range of screen printing machines and equipment in the Middle East. His company, Al Mahir Printing Equipment Trading is engaged in Screen Printing Machinery and Gift items Trading, besides other printing industry related business. Dilawar is now enthused and fully focused to promote Grafica's whole range of screen printing machines and equipment. That's because he realized the great benefit of working with a company which has a market reputation.

Here is his experience with Grafica, in his own words:

“Since our association with Grafica: a) Our business has more than doubled b) Our reputation further enhanced c) We were able to stand very strongly in the market.

“We have sold as many as 32 Nano-Print plus, 10 Nano-Print. Many of these customers have also bought Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 and Nano-UV as per their requirement. While we have sold 4 Cylinder Press (Swing – 20” x 30” and 30” x 40”), couple of CamShell along with inline UV and complete screen making set up we also expect more orders in the months to come. On the textile front, we have sold 4 nano-prinTex and 2 nano-prinTag along with accessories. This is in addition to machines kept in our show-room for live demo. These machines are also used to offer job work to our customers.

“As a Representative of Grafica in the Middle East, we had participated in many exhibitions in the Gulf to showcase Grafica's machines. The popularity of brand Grafica has also taken deep roots in the Gulf market. Printers liked the ergonomic designs of Nano range of machinery and allied products, its quality, finishing. With the strong support from team Grafica, we were also able to offer best after sales service to our customers in Middle East in line with Grafica's customer service philosophy.

“Since our association with Grafica, we had participated in various exhibitions such as:

  • GIFTS & PREMIUM Exhibition – 2010,
  • Sign and Graphic Imaging Middle East - Since 2008 till recently in January 2015,
  • Gulf Print & Pack, Dubai – 2011 and 2013;
  • 3rd Media & Advertising Exhibition- Ipex Digital ME- 2011 in Abu Dhabi -UAE,:
  • Print & Pack Arabia 2014 in Sharjah U A E,
  • Print & Packaging in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 2014 wherein we had showcased Grafica's screen printing machines.
  • “And our efforts will continue. We are now preparing for the big show – Gulf Print Pack to be held on 13- 16 April, 2015 in Dubai wherein we would be displaying Nano-series screen printing machines. This would be our straight third-time participation in Gulf Print Pack and we expect to make even stronger presence.
  • “On the Direct to Garment screen printing segment, we want to tap the market in a big way. We have already set up a nano-prinTex demo centre. It has become easier for us to convince our customers when jobs are printed on nanoprinTex, right in front of them. We have already sold few machines in Middle East market as it has several technical advantages as detailed in the product brochure.
  • “We got lot of new ideas from them about value addition. Not only were we able to sell more machines, but also all kinds of screen printing materials as well. When we associate with a quality machine manufacture, offering tremendous technical support, it is but natural that we also grow in business. That is because we are able to give full satisfaction to our customers with Grafica's quality machines and technical back up; we share knowledge with our customers, discuss their problem and offer solutions to them.”

Dilawar Dalwai

Al Mahir Printing Equipment Trading Sharjah, UAE

Grafica has been receiving regular orders from Turkey market for its DTG screen printing machines - nano-prinTex, nano-prinTag FATIH TEKSTIL had participated in FESPA-Eurasia 2014 and other major exhibitions besides hosting DTG screen printing workshop for garment printers wherein nanoprinTex was used to show live demo.

Founded in 1988, Taha Group is a vertically integrated full-service apparel manufacturing company which has its international reputation as a manufacturer of top quality fabrics and garments. They roll out more than 20 million garments a year, catering to Western Europe and North American market. The Group is a major supplier for some of the most famous brands. Headquartered in Istanbul, Taha Group, has in recent years expanded its production base with new factories in various locations within Turkey and overseas (Egypt and United Kingdom).The Group comprises 16 companies including Fatih Tekstil.

“Turkey has a strong presence in the garment decoration market. Hence it is an important market and new opportunity for Grafica's DTG screen printing machines. All we can say that Grafica's nanoprinTag is doing very good in our market and we are trying to sell more of this machine. nanoprinTag, an all electricalmechanical DTG tagless label screen printing machine, runs smoothly with speed yet noiselessly without the attachment of a compressor. Grafica brand is getting used, known and heard more in Turkish market. Fatih Tekstil started out doing business together with Grafica with trust and quality of their machines. So far we have sold 28 nano-prinTag and two nano-prinTex and many orders are in the pipeline.”

Nurdan Ates, Technical Sales and Marketing, Fatih Tekstil, Taha Group, Istanbul,

Anka, Istanbul : Grafica's distributor in Turkey for graphics screen printing machinery

Anka Serigrafi Kimya Sallari (Anka) takes care of distribution of Grafica's flatbed screen printing machines for customers in graphics/industrial screen printing segment in Turkey. Anka's showroom cum demo centre in Istanbul has Nano-Print, Nano-Print plus, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano- Sharpener, and Nano-UV. Anka Group is engaged in screen

printing materials, machinery and equipment. Founded in 2004, the company started to serve the market with various products of international brands. “So far we have sold 14 Nano-Print plus and 5 Nano-Print in Turkey market and many orders are being finalised,” says Erdogan Altunok, Anka Serigrafi Kimya Sallari (Anka).

Kinto, Moscow, Russia

The Kinto Group, Grafica's Representative in Russia have an exclusive demo-centre-cumshowroom in Moscow housing Grafica's Nano-series screen printing machines, that is, nanoprinTag, Nano-Print plus, Nano- UV, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano-Sharpener, Nano-Print. ““These machines, being new to Russian market and we look forward to receive many orders in the near future. We have participated in many exhibitions to aggressively promote Grafica machines. We have observed that Russian market is very interested in Grafica's machinery and equipment, because it offers innovative and non-standard solutions for very appropriate prices. Our market has a big potential for nano-prinTeg and nano-prinTex as well, because there are many textile companies here, either starting their business, or have a desire to expand their printing factories.”

Dzhvarsheishvili Akaki
Kinto Group, Moscow, Russia.

Hyup Jin Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grafica has appointed Dhakabased Hyup Jin Group, as its Representative for Bangaldesh to market nano-prinTex, nanoprinTag, all electrical-mechanical automatic direct-to-garment screen printing machines. They will also market other Nano range screen printing machines and equipment used in heat transfers printing. Hyup Jin Group has also set up a show-room cum demo centre in Dhaka. Following this alliance, Grafica's MD, Bhargav Mistry was invited to make a presentation on advanced screen printing during the 'Global Technical Seminar' organized by Hyup Jin Group in Dhaka in November 2014 which was attended by over 250 professionals from garment industry.

“nano-prinTex is well accepted in Bangladesh market as well, purely on merit of its Grafica brand, quality, performance and easy to use features. We are eager to explore the Bangladesh market,” says HK Kabir, Managing Director and Bulbul K. Bhattacharjee, Executive Director of Hyup Jin Group.

He adds, “It's too early to make any comments further. However, while we have already sold three nano-prinTex, and some proposals are under negotiation stage. Let me tell you the requirement for such machinery are increasing as nano-prinTex has a competitive advantage over the existing brands ex-Europe and –ex-USA, and that is why we expect to sell more machines.”

Hyup Jin Group is a fast growing Textile Printing Chemical supplier in Bangladesh Textile Printing Industries and have been providing their valued customers with Eco friendly products that comply with the OEKO TEX SATNDARD 100 and representing world reputed manufacturers in Bangladesh. Recently, they have set up a textile binder factory with the cooperation and collaboration of South Korea. They will come up soon with production of many other printing and coating auxiliaries and additives which will also maintain the ecological standard as those importing from abroad. "

Terascreen, France

“There came the “Nano”… the giant idea to offer at a very reasonable and affordable price, modern and sophisticated UV equipment to print in small format to do everything from fabrication of the screen to the printing action. Very small companies exist not only in India but all over the world! And they also need, even in Europe, USA or South America the “3 C” I use to speak about the Nano Premier Leagues (NPL and NPL plus): “Cleaver, Clean, Chip”. The size of Nano Print plus (55 x 71 cm – 22”x 28”) semi-automatic seems to me more suitable for the European market. Even some medium size companies can be interested for “niche” applications. The fact the Nano-Plus has a “lift of the screen while printing” is a big “Plus” for this market. Similarly, Nano-Screen Maker 5 in 1, it can be used too at that size made the whole of the Nano League extremely adapted to the printers.”

Michel Caza
(Terascreen, Grafica's Representative for France) Quoted of saying in Grafica News – August 2011. Based in Champagne, France, TERASCREEN, is an European company, created under the impulse of Michel CAZA Consultant. It is dedicated to the distribution of screen printing machinery, equipment, products.

Sanco Technology, UK

“In Mumbai I was shown the factory and facilities and I was very impressed with their way of working. Bhargav showed me the new factory and the blue print for his new production site. I could feel the energy behind the conversation with the vast potential and I believe Grafica will exceed and would like to be part of this. Rest is history. We look forward to working alongside Grafica and wish everybody at Grafica a continued success in the years to come.”

ASA Print Technologies, USA

Photo above shows Direk C, (right) ASA Print Technologies, USA, at SGIA in October 2014 who showcased nano-prinTag besides pictorial display Grafica's wide range screen printing machines and equipments. ASA Print Technologies, is Grafica's newly appointed Representative for North America.

Screengraf, Chile, South America

Grafica's South America representative, Screengraf has also opened a showroom-cum-demo centre in Santiago, Chile. Customers from South America are able to see live demo of Grafica's machines such as Nano- Print plus, Nano-Print, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano-UV, and Nano- Sharpener.

Screengraf Ltda has been engaged in spreading the screen printing technique nationwide for the last 20 years. It has become the largest domestic supplier of machinery and equipment, inks, and supplemental services to printers in industrial, textile and graphics screen printing segments.

“I was looking for such quality screen printing machinery and UV curing machine to supplement our current business portfolio of screen printing inks and consumables. I feel in the absence of a quality screen printing technology the printers in Chile and its neighboring market were not able to use advanced materials – inks and other consumables. I found that Grafica's technology is simple, economical and best suited for screen printers in Chile and surrounding market. Grafica officials made me comfortable in a series of meetings during SPI'12 show in Mumbai and during SGIA'12 show in Las Vegas, USA. I look forward to promote their products in a fruitful manner. To begin with we had successfully showcased Grafica machines at “Print Santiago” Show held in October 2014 at Santiago, Chile.”

Angel Tapia
Screengraf, Chile.

“We are eager to work with Grafica to promote their range of screen printing machines in Sri Lanka. To begin with, we had pictorially showcased their products at Collate'14 exhibition in Colombo. We had received a fairly good response which gave us a lot of confidence to move ahead.”

Supem D.S. de Silva, Director
Silver Circle, Sri Lanka

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