Grafica News - Mar 2015

Grafica appoints Pham Van Duc as Representative for Vietnam

Grafica has recently appointed Pham Van Duc, as Representative for Vietnam. With this appointment, Grafica's overseas representative count has reached to 12. Other representatives include: USA, Russia, UK, UAE, Turkey (two representatives for Textile and graphics machinery), France, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, and Chile.

Set up in year 2006, Pham Van Duc is engaged in printing, repairing and maintenance of printing machinery. It employs 10 people.

“I came to know about Grafica Flextronica in 2014 while searching on the net. At first I was impressed with Grafica's comprehensive website. I decided to take up Grafica's distributorship because I found that their machines are perfect for our market. Moreover, price iscompetitive and they offer excellent service. I came to the conclusion that there is a good score for marketing their machines in Vietnam. Vietnam is a potential market for printing business because of the ongoing economic developments and availability of cheap manpower.

“As we have already started selling these machines, we are committed to satisfy our customers in terms of technical support and meet their needs. So far we have sold nanoprinTex, Nano-Print plus; Squeegee Sharpener. This is just a beginning. As I said, right now our priority is to provide satisfactory customer service after selling the machines as it will help our customers build confidence in brand Grafica and feel safe and believing.

“We are making all efforts to build Grafica brand in Vietnam market first, and then if everything goes well, we will plan to introduce their machines in Cambodia and Miama markets as well.”

David Pham

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