Grafica News - May 2015

Nano-Print plus and nano-prinTag gain popularity in Russia

Grafica's screen printing machines, viz, Nano-Print plus, nano-prinTag and other equipment are steadily gaining popularity in Russian market. “Recently, we have installed two Nano-Print plus and three nano-prinTag machines,” reports Michael Nadirashvili, Sales Incharge at KINTO CO, Grafica's Representative in Russia. Here are details of recent installations:

  • Russkiy Trikotazh (TVOE brand), Smolensk (Russia): nano-prinTag - 3C/3F/8P
  • Mustang-2, Rostov-on-Don (Russia): nano-prinTag - 3C/3F/8P
  • Selena Gofre, Krasnodar (Russia): nano-prinTag - 2C/3F/8P
  • Rusdekol, Rostov-on-Don (Russia): Nano-Print plus
  • TD Deko, Moscow (Russia): Nano-Print plus

“Grafica's Nano-Print plus and nano-prinTag are masterpieces. These machines are reliable, highly accurate, easy to use, and most importantly, the equipment is within budget of most of the startup companies being run in the "home" conditions, and large factories,” says Michael.

Giving reasons for the growing popularity of Grafica machines in Russia, he points out:

“The machines are fully electromechanical design, thus eliminates the need for a compressor.

Moreover, these machines are

  • Single-phase power supply;
  • High Performance (e.g. nanoprinTag has a speed of 2500 cycles / hour, Nano-Print plus around 900 prints / hour);
  • Grafica's machines have branded components, such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Schneider Electric and other;
  • The high registration accuracy machines - (e.g. nano-prinTag:± 0.005 mm, Nano-Print plus: ± 0.01 mm);
  • These machines are ergonomically designed to give comfort to operators and save significant space requirements.”

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