Grafica News - May 2015

Screen printing is cost effective way to offer value addition

J Antony, Hitech Universal Printers & Publishers

Value addition has now become a norm. That is exactly why few years ago, Coimbatore based Hitech Universal Printers & Publishers Pvt Ltd, invested in Grafica's Nano-Premier League (NPL) which comprises a Nano- Print, Nano-UV, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano-Sharpener. With this set up, the company is able to carry out special effect treatment and spot UV on commercial jobs, book covers, etc.

The company was founded by renowned academician and educationist, Dr. PC Thomas. He is the founder of Good Shepherd International School (GSIS), Ooty and Chairman of the Group. What started as a printing hobby by Dr. Thomas in Ooty, today, Hitech Universal Printers & Publishers has grown into one of the largest printing publishing firm in South India with their 18000 sq.ft x 3 floor printing facilities in Coimbatore housing 6/4/2/1 offset presses and complete pre press and post press facilities. In 1995, Dr. Thomas started a printing unit (3000 sq.ft) with manual screen printing and mini offset to meet the printing & publishing requirement of their educational institutions (GSIS) in Ooty. Later, they decided to enter commercial printing business and shifted their printing unit to Coimbatore and started growing year after year. Apart from Commercial Printing and publishing (school books), the company has now diversified into lucrative packaging such as boxes for garment and textile industry. They have a 12-member design team.

“I would say screen printing is the most cost effective way to offer value addition, vis a vis, enhance look of offset printed jobs. Value addition makes a lot of difference,” says J Antony, General Manager (Production), who started his career as graphic designer before taking up Production at Hitech Universal Printers & Publishers. He is a regular reader of Grafica News India “which covers technical articles.” He also enjoys reading Grafica's blog to keep himself updated in screen printing.

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