Grafica News - Nov 2015

nano-prinTex on African Safari!

”Grafica's nano-prinTex stood out to me as a solid and robust Bradley, technical and sales, NSDS - Cape Town & Kumaren, technician, NSDS - Durban. machine that is a value for money investment” Nico van Rooyen, Owner, A1 Printworks, Cape Town

With the recent installation of nano-prinTex (8 colour/12 pallets) and 2 nano-flashTex, at Cape Town based A1 Printworks, Grafica has gained first successful access to South African market. The order was secured by National Screen & Digital Supplies (NSDS), Grafica's Representative in South Africa.

It may be noted that NSDS, Grafica Representative in South Africa had showcased Grafica's nano-prinTex and nano-prinTag at Fespa-Africa in September 2015. ”These machines hit the market at an extremely competitive price and are proving to be a very exciting addition to the NSDS range of products,” says Patrick Nolan, CEO of NSDS. ”And the order placed by A1 Printworks is a clear testimony to the acceptance of nano-prinTex in South Africa market.”

A1 Printworks was founded in 1995 by Peter Schneider. The business then changed ownership to Karen Schneider who sold to current owner Nico van Rooyen in 2014. The company is engaged in screen printing on conti-suites, T-shirts, Golf shirts and Nylon bags. Additionally, they also undertake embroidery and heat transfer. They undertake garment printing right from single to couple of thousand pieces, which are for Corporate Promotion, Schools, CMT and private clients. Currently, the company employs 6 Manual carrousel machines for screen printing in house, while heat press and embroidery is outsourced. A1 Printworks' 680 sq.meter factory employs 23 people.

Interview with Nico van Rooyen, the current owner of the business, A1 Printworks:

Why did your company embark on automation?
It was purely an investment aspect as we did not have the capacity to undertake volume prints.

Why did you choose nanoprinTex? Did you have other options too?

  1. We looked at various local suppliers and brands available. But Grafica's nano-prinTex stood out to me as a solid and robust machine that is a value for money investment.
  2. A1 Printworks hope that the nano-prinTex will be the first step in securing bigger, profitable business allowing for further expansion soon.
  3. Moreover, Grafica's local Representative here in South Africa, NSDS renders dedicated support to A1 Printworks and their assistance to make my business a success. What else we need?

What did you like the most about nano-prinTex?

  1. It does not have air compressor.
  2. There is not shuddering when starting and stopping the operations. It runs smoothly.
  3. The programming of the unit has logical sequences and once mastered very easy to work
  4. Noise free operation.

Your views about garment printing in South Africa market:
The market is extremely cost sensitive and screen printing, embroidery and heat transfer are very popular methods of branding in our region. There is a marketing drive by suppliers towards DTG Digital Printing. I personally do not see it as alternative to screen printing but rather as add on. The DTG Digital Printing market however do changes the expectation of the customers and is problematic for screen printers since they are expecting to get the same results and fraction of cost.