Grafica News - December 2016

Aeoon's Compact series digital garment printing machine

Grafica Flextronica is an exclusive Representative of Aeoon Technologies GmbH, Austria. Aeoon Technologies is a leading manufacturer of digital direct to garment (DTG) printing machines. They offer Kyo series and Compact series digital printing machines.

Aeoon's Compact series digital DTG printing press is a versatile inkjet garment printing technology. It is meant for industrial use, visà- vis, bulk production with a print speed of up to 950 T-Shirts per hour (A4 print size, depending on image and resolution). One can print just one single piece of t-shirt as well. The machine is available with 4 or 8 print heads that can be configured according to your needs. With Digital press you can print spot and CMYK colors even with big quantity.

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