Grafica News - Feb 2016

The concept of 'print decoration' demonstrated @ PrintPack Expo, Ahmedabad

Scores of visitors delighted as Grafica team demonstrated the concept of 'print decoration' during the recently concluded PrintPack Expo in Ahmedabad. Grafica had showcased its Swing Cylinder press with in-line UV, Nano-Print plus with Nano-UV and Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 during the 3-day expo held on 22-24 January 2016.

The demo machines were later delivered to and installed at respective customers in Ahmedabad. The Cylinder Press was installed at Printicon (a leading post press company who have been using two Nano-Print plus to offer high end value addition). The Nano-Print Plus, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 and Nano-UV were being installed at Headstart Communication, a design and commercial print service provider. Grafica also received around ten orders for full set of Nano-range of screen printing machines from new as well as existing customers.

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